Friday, February 15th, 2019

Treadmills vs. Other Home Exercise Machines

By Aaron O'Connor

From the $2 jump rope to the $1,000-plus elliptical machine, home exercise equipment has continually evolved in sophistication and ability to deliver health benefits, with machines now designed for every level of fitness.

New equipment targets every muscle and fitness goal imaginable, with choices ranging from cheap infomercial fads ...

Adjustable Weight Lifting/Abdominal Bench | Cap Dumbbell & Barbell Fitness FID

Perfect for casual home use, the Cap Barbell Fitness Bench is lightweight, mobile and affordable. The compromise is the relatively short length -- users taller than 5' 10" should look for another option. See more weight lifting bench reviews.

Considering the modest size and weight, this bench is very ...

Pro Fitter 3D Lateral Skiing/Skating Cross Trainer | Increase Strength & Improve Sports Performance

The Pro Fitter Cross Trainer simulates the lateral undulation of skiing and skating by employing a side-to-side motion on independent flexing/rotating foot pads on a rounded-bottom rocking platform. It's a dynamic approach to balance fitness that's challenging but effective, fun and easy to learn.

The exercises are taxing on the muscles ...