Friday, February 15th, 2019

Top 5 Alternative Fitness Disciplines to Feed Your Passion and Stave Off Boredom

For decades, the word “exercise” has conjured images of overzealous, spandex-sporting, free weight-wielding enthusiasts, seemingly working out to the beat of the all-too familiar – and outdated – mantra: “No pain, no gain.”

We’ve gained some serious ground since then, exercising the freedom to realize that we have myriad options when it comes to getting and staying fit – none of ...

Ab Rocket Twister Review | A Critical Look at the “As Seen On TV” Infomercial Abdominal Trainer

Abdominal trainers are becoming increasingly popular, as the mid-section is one of the most difficult muscle groups to isolate, train and sculpt.

TV infomercials have locked into the niche that having rock solid abs is easy, using a popular trainer, requiring as little training and exercise as physically possible. Some ab ...