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Obsession Fitness features exercise equipment reviews and news on the latest industry and consumer fitness trends.

Focusing exclusively on fitness products designed for the home, our reviews spotlight the latest exercise equipment, fitness accessories and DVD workout programs, with pricing comparisons from a variety of online merchants and auction sites.

Our exclusive featured articles are designed to inform, entertain and motivate readers toward reaching their fitness goals.

Obsession Fitness is committed to keeping pace with and reporting on home exercise trends, new technologies and product lines to help our readers stay at the forefront of the fitness industry.

My goal is to display ads that are fitness related. Everything on this site is targeted to the fitness industry and I wish only to add to Obsession Fitness's large database, products that are highly rated.

Please use our search bar to find products, categories and key words that you might be interested in. There is a large database of all kinds of fitness products that has been growing since 2007.

Our Twitter Group is a great place to get fitness tips from some really great fitness resources. You can click on our Twitter links and be connected in just moments.

Any suggestions to make this site better for you fitness related surfing, please let me know.

Please also be patient with certain products that are not available any more. I correct these as I become aware of them as it makes no sense to waste your time.

I appreciate your patronage - Jack Walters

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