Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Aero Speed Hyperformance Jump Rope | Olympic Caliber Fitness Accessory from Buddy Lee

aero speed buddy lee jump ropeThe Aero Speed jump-rope has become the standard by which all other ropes are judged. Co-invented by accomplished Olympian Buddy Lee, The Aero Speed was the officially licensed jump rope of the 2008 US Olympic Team.

The rope uses a patented swivel bearing-loaded handle system that effectively eliminates friction. The swivel mechanism allows fast and smooth motion while providing control in all directions with little to no rope tangle.

The frictionless performance helps you increase speed and endurance quickly and allows for easy double jumps and smooth cross-overs.

Jumping rope can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient exercises possible. It tones and strengthens all major muscle groups and develops cardiovascular conditioning while maximizing athletic skills like agility, coordination, timing, and endurance.

The Aero Speed Hyperperformance Jump Rope is adjustable for different user heights. To find the optimal length, stand on the rope with both feet together. The tip of the handles should reach no higher than the arm pits. While jumping the rope should barely skim the surface of the floor.

Like most tube constructed jump ropes the plastic can wear over time. It's best for use indoors on carpet or tile floors, not outdoors on concrete.

The price is steep but this is a good investment in a high-quality quality product.

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