Saturday, May 5th, 2018

AKROwheels Duo Exercise Wheels | Total Body/Abdominal Functional Training System

AKROwheelsAt first glance the AKROwheels appear to be another fitness gimmick that we normally don't take the time to review. But this product offers a flexible and functional approach that is surprisingly effective at working a wide range of muscle groups and really targets the abs and obliques. It's also fun and lets you mix up your workouts with creative exercise variations.

The AKROwheels utilize body weight as resistance for ab rollouts, pushups and flys, providing good abdominal and upper body toning. These rolling exercises engage the entire upper body and core. When you first begin training with this product you'll feel an amazing burn in the entire mid-section.

This approach also incorporates dynamic stretching that improves flexibility and posture.

The AKROwheels Total Body Functional Training System is lightweight and portable. It comes with a DVD demonstrating various NAVY Seal endorsed exercises.

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