Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Apple Nike + iPod nano Sport Kit | Workout Motivation for the Gadget Lover

Two of the most recognizable and successful brands in America, Nike and Apple have collaborated to create a cutting edge fitness product.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit allows you to monitor your running experience by transmitting data through a wireless connection between your shoe and your iPod nano. The microchip tracks speed, distance, time, and calories burned during your run. It also includes real-time spoken feedback to announce milestones throughout your workout and a PowerSongs option to integrate your favorite iTunes selections.

The kit is inexpensive but you'll need all three components to take advantage of this new technology.

  1. Nike + iPod Sport Kit
  2. Nike + iPod ready Nike shoes
  3. Pod nano 1G, 2G or 3G

When you get home from a run just plug your nano into your computer and automatically sync all your run data online at

The system lets you remember each run, analyze your performance and try to surpass your previous records. The customized training programs allow you to compete with friends and other Nike+ users in distance and speed challenges. This ability to setup goals and rewards is very addictive and will keep you motivated.

Frequently asked technical questions about the Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit

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  1. Monte Tracey says:

    If all else fails, you’ll need to send your iPod to meet its maker. Repair can be arranged via an Apple retail store, but you may have to make an appointment in advance. Alternatively, Apple will mail you a box in which you are able to post the iPod back to them. You’ll be able to do this online or by phone – either way, you’ll require to offer your iPod’s serial number – which you’ll come across on the back of the device in tiny print.

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