Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Arnold Schwartzenegger’s New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding | History, Advice & Photos

schwarzenegger-bodybuilding21Although Arnold's classic New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding focuses on the sport of bodybuilding, anyone interested in strength training will find this 800 page epic engaging.

Seven-time Mr. Olympia title winner Arnold Schwartzenegger provides unique insight into bodybuilding methodologies, training techniques, injury prevention, nutrition and the sport's history.

This updated and revised edition of the "bible of bodybuilding" is packed with Arnold's personal tips and goes over every muscle group in detail.

There are hundreds of anatomical charts and photos including a "Bodybuilding Hall of Fame."

This really is an encyclopedia and is broken up into five books, each with multiple comprehensive chapters

  • Book One: Introduction To Bodybuilding
  • Book Two: Training Programs
  • Book Three: Body Part Exercises
  • Book Four: Competition
  • Book Five: Health, Nutrition, And Diet

The detailed training techniques cover amateur athletes to pro bodybuilders preparing for a competition. Arnold stresses that achieving success takes dedication, a plan and a lot of hard work.

There has been some criticism that the recommended routines and working out six times per week amount to over-training. The science has evolved a bit since Arnold's day.

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