Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Blackburn Trakstand Ultra Bicycle Trainer | Quiet, Smooth, Foldable Indoor Cycling

blackburn-trakstand-ultraSome cyclists are averse to the feel and aesthetics of home exercise bikes, preferring the familiarity and comfort of their own outdoor bike. An indoor bicycle trainer is an excellent option for avid outdoor riders and others who can't afford a full-sized stationary bike.

The Blackburn Trakstand Ultra uses an innovative "Centriforce" resistance system that creates a natural pedal stroke simulating cycling on the open road. This patented advance distinguishes it from magnetic and fluid bicycle trainers that lose speed quickly when pedaling is paused. The flywheel incorporates a centrifugal clutch that allows resistance to increase with speed, creating a wide range of resistance with no external adjustments.

The advanced design makes it easy to attach a bike and sturdy and smooth when in use. It's also silent -- all you'll hear is the familiar sounds of your own bike's mechanics.

There are three available progressive resistance curves and the adjustable height can be set as low as 1/2 " off the ground. This gives your ride an even, balanced feel without propping up the front end.

The Blackburn Trakstand is a well-built and reliable device that provides a good indoor cycling experience. Also see the CycleOps Fluid 2 which incorporates a different design and adds statistical tracking and a training DVD.

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