Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Body Champ Inversion Gravity Table | IT8070 Bargain Back Therapy

body champ inversion tableThe Body Champ IT8070 is a simple, no frills inversion system that serves its purpose -- to help reverse the negative effects of gravity by decompressing the spine. It may not compete with well known industry leaders but does provide the therapeutic benefits of inversion at a very low price.

The table is relatively lightweight but strong and sturdy enough to accommodate users between 4' 8" and 6' 8" and weights of up to 250 lbs.

Inversion angles are managed using an innovative pull-pin adjustment mechanism. The increments are not as precise or easy to adjust as high-end models but the table does lock firmly and safely in place.

The safety strap helps manage your desired angles and a safety lock keeps the inversion system secure when not in use. The U-shaped handrails are a nice addition and help further ensure stability and safety during inversion.

The back cushion is made of high density foam, rather than the mesh design seen on some tables, but provides a good level of comfort. However, the foam rollers at the base are known to cause strain on the ankles and feet during inversion, depending on your weight and height. Adding your own padding around the rollers in the form of a small pillow or towel will help alleviate any discomfort.

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People with high blood pressure, eye diseases or who are pregnant should consult a doctor before beginning inversion therapy. All users should progress slowly by starting at low angles of inversion. It may also take some time to get acclimated to the sensation of being upside down.

Given the price, this product gets a marginal recommendation for its simplicity and functionality. Those looking for a professional or higher quality alternative should see our Teeter Hang Ups and Kettler APOLLO inversion table reviews.

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