Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Bodylastics Exercise Resistance Bands System | BASIC or MAX TENSION Compact Gym System


Bodylastics has  earned a reputation for manufacturing the highest-quality resistance bands that offer convenience, flexibility and make an excellent money-saving alternative to a home gym.  They are easy to use and provide a smooth full-body strength-building and toning workout.

The average person who joins a health club spends $500 per year on their membership. For over a decade Bodylastics has been an alternative to expensive commercial gyms and home exercise machines.  The compact system is effective for muscle building, body toning, and weight loss.

The Bodylastics Basic Tension Set includes 4 varied resistance elastic bands made of the highest quality continuous dip latex, 2 handles made from hard, rigid plastic with soft foam in the middle, 2 ankle straps made of soft nylon and Velcro, a special Door Anchor, 73 Page User Manual, Circuit Training Video and Travel Bag.

The Bodylastics Max Tension Set includes all of the above plus a 23 pound black band for a total of 134 pounds of resistance (67 pounds per side).

The clipping feature allows you to add multiple resistance bands to a single handle to vary or progressively build up resistance.

Many other resistance bands have a short lifespan and can break with heavy use.  Bodylastics are designed to withstand heavy use over time. This durable system is used by personal trainers, pro athletes, the US military and even S.W.A.T. teams for their training.

The set is small and light enough to fit in a suitcase or overnight bag so you can keep up with your workouts while traveling. Bodylastics home gym exercise systems carry a 6-week money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

For a more advanced system from Bodylastics see our review of Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Edition.

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