Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Bowflex Revolution FT Home Gym | Small Footprint SpiraFlex Linear Resistance Fitness

bowflex-revolution-ftThis is our first look at the Bowflex Revolution series. The FT is the most affordable Revolution model but does not include a bench unless purchased separately.

This may be perceived as a positive or a negative, depending on your needs. Some believe a built-in bench on a home gym just gets in the way. One alternative is to purchase a separate workout bench and move it into place whenever needed. Or, take a look at the other Revolution models.

All Revolution models use the unique Bowflex SpiraFlex resistance technology. Developed for use by astronauts on the International Space Station, Spiraflex duplicates the benefits of free weights but with added control and safety. The system uses a series of elastic bands contained in a circular plate which is lighter than a standard iron plate of equal resistance. The resistance is linear rather than progressive as in the traditional Bowflex Power Rod technology.

To take full advantage of SpiralFlex technology it's important to be continually conscious of proper form. "Four seconds out, four seconds in" is the recommended rhythm to get the most benefit from each exercise.

This versatile system lets you easily adjust resistance from 10 to 200 pounds (upgradable to 280 pounds) for a wide range of  upper body workouts. The independently moving pulleys or "Freedom Arms" adjust 170 degrees in ten settings to work muscles from many angles.

The Revolution FT is more compact (65" X 38" X 73") and far lighter than most universal machines. It supports more than 90 exercises and includes a squat harness, a 5-position foot harness, comfortable hand grips an instructional DVD.

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2 Responses to “Bowflex Revolution FT Home Gym | Small Footprint SpiraFlex Linear Resistance Fitness”
  1. Marvin says:

    If i were to bench press 70 pounds resistance on the boflex revalution how much would that be on a normal benchpressing machine because last year when i was 13 i could bench press 160 but now only max 75 on boflex

  2. fitness workout says:

    The Bowflex Revolution series is a versatile fitness equipment in the future. All the body movements can be done in this tool. With the security and control of a high quality I believe that this is suitable to be used by people who want to change the health of revolutionary! Goodluck!

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