Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Resistance Bands

Ripcords Resistance Training Exercise Bands | Portable 6-Pack Black Sniper Edition

Exercise bands are an affordable alternative to traditional strength training. If you're just getting into shape or don't like free weights, they're worth considering.

This set from Ripcords includes 6 color-coded bands ranging from 3 to 60 pounds of resistance. The Black Sniper is at the top end of the ...

Fitness Anywhere TRX Adjustable Suspension Trainer Professional | Core Exercise, Balance & Flexibility

The TRX Suspension Trainer from Fitness Anywhere effectively works the core by using body weight resistance and forcing the engagement of many small muscles to stabilize the body during workouts.

As opposed to linear weight lifting that isolates specific muscles, this "functional strength training" approach exercises the body in a ...

Terrell Owens Introduces New Gym System | Elastic Resistance Bands For Strength, Speed or Rehab

Terrell Owens has teamed up with Bodylastics to create the Super Strong Man Edition elastic resistance system. T.O. claims it helps him achieve better strength, speed and explosiveness on the field and prefers elastic bands to free weights.

Elastic resistance training is designed to isolate and work the muscle ...

GoFit Ultimate ProGym with DVD | Go Anywhere, Train Anytime Portable Travel Home Gym

The key benefits of this system are the portability that allows you to take it on the road and the ability to easily add or subtract resistance. It's actually possible to get an adequate full body workout using this little gym-in-a-bag

The GoFit Ultimate ProGym offers 7 levels of resistance ...

Bodylastics Exercise Resistance Bands System | BASIC or MAX TENSION Compact Gym System

Bodylastics has  earned a reputation for manufacturing the highest-quality resistance bands that offer convenience, flexibility and make an excellent money-saving alternative to a home gym.  They are easy to use and provide a smooth full-body strength-building and toning workout.

The average person who joins a health club spends $500 per year on their membership. For over ...