Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper’s Firming After 50 | With Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen

After seeing Joel Harper's Slim & Fit special on PBS and being a fan of Dr. Oz, we decided to check out the latest DVD from Mr. Harper, Firming After 50.

Known for You on a Diet Workout and You: The Owner's Manual Workout, Joel Harper comes off as a regular guy who really knows his stuff, and is passionate about sharing his secrets and techniques.

Firming After 50 includes three easy to follow workouts -- upper body, lower body and abdominals. It's a good combination of muscle building without weights, cardio exercise, and stretching.

Men over 50 need to be aware of their balance and posture, something that Joel addresses in this the video.

Firming After 50 is actually appropriate for people of any age range who want a straight forward, low-impact workout that doesn't require much space or any additional investment in exercise equipment.

Firming After 50 aims to make working out as simple and efficient as possible and is worth a look for baby boomers or younger people who have gotten away from physical activity.

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