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Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine | Strength Building, Calorie Burning Indoor Fitness System

concept2-modeld-rowing-machineConcept2 rowing machines are used by Olympic athletes and in commercial gyms around the world and have been called the "Rolex of Rowers". This review will focus on the Model D, the more affordable of the two available Concept2 rowers, but still the best rower we've reviewed. The higher-priced Model E can be seen here.

The rowing motion on the Model D is impact-free, smooth and easy on the joints. The sliding seat compresses and extends your legs with every stroke to work the entire body, including arms, legs, chest, back and abdominals while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. A spiral damper lets you can choose between simulated rowing in either a sleek, fast boat or a slow, heavy boat.

concept2-modeld-rowing-machine21The self-calibrating Performance Monitor (version PM3) displays distance, speed, pace, and calories burned. A removable data card tracks all your info and allows you to set "personal records." In this mode the monitor displays two boats -- your current workout and a prior workout, or a pace boat -- creating a simulated rowing competition. This is a fun and unique feature to help keep you motivated.

Concept2 rower handles are ergonomically designed with molded rubber grips. Beginners or regular users may want to use gloves to prevent blisters.

Unlike more conventional exercise machines like treadmills, rowing does take a bit of practice to achieve the most efficient motion. Be sure to watch the included DVD demonstrating proper technique. You can also take advantage of free online tools including the Concept2 logbook, rowing challenges, forums and the Million Meter Club.

The Model D is extremely easy to assemble; just attach the front support and you're ready to row. It's durable, built to last, can accomodate users up to 500 pounds and comes with a 5 year frame warranty.

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  1. FAPORT International says:

    Hey great concept behind this machine, thanks for your information, i am surly going to get one…

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