Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer | Compact, Adjustable Resistance Home Cardio Machine

confidence ellipticalThis elliptical trainer gets a mixed review but may be an option for those without a lot of money or space. This entry-level, simple, moderately effective machine is priced at under $100.

The Confidence Elliptical is lightweight, compact and features adjustable resistance, forward and reverse striding and handlebars that secure in place for a "free running" workout. It has built in wheels for easy transport and storage.

This is definitely not the choice for tall or heavy users. Even those of average build may find this trainer a bit unstable and wobbly during use. The dimensions are 34" x 24" x 60" and the unit weighs just 60 lbs.

This model is noisier than most ellipticals and your feet tend to slide forward in the foot rests during a workout, which may affect balance, depending on your size.

For all of its flaws this elliptical does provide the intended cardiovascular workout, simulating walking or jogging with very little stress on the ankles, knees, hips and back. The handlebars move in conjunction with leg motion resulting in a smooth, fluid movement that tones the upper body as well.

The Confidence Elliptical is a good value for the price but don't expect it to last a lifetime.  Consider it a good starter machine to see if elliptical training is for you, and upgrade in the future if needed. See all of our elliptical trainer reviews.

For a better cardio option in this price range, from the same manufacturer, see the Confidence Foldable Stow Away Exercise Bike.

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