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Creative Fitness Doorway Gym Pull-up/Chin-up Bar | No Screws, Tool Free, Easy Mount Workout Bar

creative fitness pull up barEasy mount doorway pull-up bars represent one of the most innovative and popular fitness inventions in recent years. The simplicity and versatility of these new bars is remarkable. The Creative Fitness Door Gym is one of the earlier versions, often used with the P90X Extreme Training System, but actually came out before that program exploded in 2007.

This a sturdy, well constructed pull-up bar made of high quality material, but more expensive than the similarly designed and widely used Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. If you're purchasing a chin-up bar for P90X, be sure to compare with the Beachbody chin-up bar designed specifically for P90X. Both the Creative Door Gym and Iron Gym bars include a single horizontal crossbar, while the P90X version features two parallel bars for additional grip positions. See the pricing links below for photos of each product.

creative fitness pull up bar 2The Creative Fitness Door Gym uses a cantilever design (a horizontal beam fixed at one end only) that hooks on the doorjam without the need for screws or brackets. Body weight pressure is redirected across the bars pressing horizontally on the door frame for a secure and safe mount. This bar supports user weights of up to 300 pounds. As with all the pull-up bars of this type, deep pushups and situps can be done by placing the bar on the ground.

The instructions for the Creative Fitness Door Gym are not very clear, but after one-time assembly, without the need for any tools, the bar can be mounted securely in a doorway in a few seconds. A quick upward motion removes the bar when not in use. Be sure your door trim is at least 3.5" wide and the horizontal doorway space is between 24" and 32".

It should be noted that the material used in this product can leave minor divots or marks on the door frame paint. This can be minimized with controlled reps and by not swinging from the bar.

An optional broad reach attachment is available that allows the Creative Doorway Gym emulate the Beachbody P90X dual-bar design. Creative Fitness Door Gym Broad Reach Attachment

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