Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Dosho Gym 5000 | DG5009 Compact, Adjustable Weight Training

The Dosho Gym 5000 | Designed by the Inventor of Bowflex

DG5-lower-res-SCREEN-72dpiThe Dosho Gym 5000 uses a remarkably space-efficient and innovative design to provide a true full body workout -- using real steel, not cables. The gym is creatively engineered for easy, efficient and safe transitions between exercises.

Two unique, patented features caught our attention. The Lift-Assist System and adjustable Depth-Limiter Bar act as a personal spotter and facilitate perfect form for squats and a full range of ab exercises.

See how the technology works in the video demonstration below (featuring former Workout With Jackie Warner cast member Greg Plitt).

The patented adjustable 45 pound clam-shell Dosho Bells allow for a complete upper body workout but also attach to the leg-extension system for lower body work. Weight adjustment is easy using the Dosho Bell locking mechanism.

The system includes a 78-page training program with descriptions of over 40 gym-quality free weight exercises suitable for beginners to advanced users

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