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EA Sports Active | Cardio Exercise, Resistance Training & Fun Fitness for the Nintendo Wii

ea-sports-activeLast month we briefly mentioned the release of EA Sports Active for the Nintendo Wii. Now, after sensational critical and customer reception during its first few weeks on the market, here's a more in-depth review.

Developed in collaboration with Bob Greene, known for his Best Life Program and association with Oprah Winfrey, EA Sports Active offers fun, easy to learn exercises and activities to help users stay focused on fitness.

EA Sports Active gives an unparalleled introduction to virtual exercise for those new to the concept, or a step up for those who've become bored with the routines included in the Wii Fit and other third party titles.

The key components of this system are the Virtual Personal Trainer and 30 Day Challenge. The Trainer delivers feedback and positive encouragement through the course of each workout, keeping you motivated and on track. Your interest is further maintained by adding variety and continually mixing things up. Just when a workout starts to feel repetitive, you'll be directed to something new, while the system continues to track calories burned, intensity level and progress throughout the 30 Day Challenge.

ea-sports-active-360EA Sports active uses the standard Wii Remote and Nunchuck controllers but incorporates some new accessories. The included leg strap attaches to the upper thigh, holding the Nunchuck controller in place to monitor lower body movement.  Also included is a resistance band designed to increase the intensity of a variety of exercises and upper body workouts. It's compatible with but does not require the Wii Balance board.

Another unique and invaluable attribute is the ability to provide feedback on proper form. unlike some fitness programs developed  for the Wii, EA Sports Active does a great job of  mimicking your actual movements. If you're not doing an exercise properly, you'll be guided on how to correct it -- not something you'll get with a fitness DVD.

There are dozens of themed strength training and cardiovascular workouts which can be customized and linked into circuit training routines. In addition to the fun and addicting games, there are some high-intensity and more advanced strength training exercises available, such as jumping lunges, jumping squats, bicep curl with shoulder press, and lateral raise with row, to name a few. In addition to the various exercises there are informational segments to help users optimize their nutrition and lifestyle.

There's not much negative so say about this product. For some, it may take getting accustomed to positioning the remote and nuncheck in a manner that will properly evaluate body movements. Watching the included videos is recommended. Also, the resistance band is relatively weak with a low level of resistance. It's good enough for beginners and can easily replaced with a more robust band as strength and fitness levels increase.

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2 Responses to “EA Sports Active | Cardio Exercise, Resistance Training & Fun Fitness for the Nintendo Wii”
  1. dave says:

    The leg strap is an unexpected but smart idea — I could see that really adding challenge.

  2. Whatever it takes to get people moving. Most people that think this will help them will use it for a week then it gets put in a drawer with all of the other things they have bought over the years.

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