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ePulse Strapless Heart Rate Monitor | Impact Sports No Chest Strap Watch and Calorimeter

epulse heart rate monitorTired of uncomfortable and annoying chest strap heart rate monitors? Don't trust pulse rate monitors built into your exercise machine? The Impact Sports ePulse offers an intriguing alternative.

Wrapped snugly around your forearm the ePulse accurately calculates pulse and calories burned using light sensor technology. The advanced microchip easily regulates workout intensity and manages specific fitness and weight loss goals.

The armband is much larger than a sports watch and will seem a bit bulky at first. Once strapped on your arm the lightweight device is non-intrusive, hardly noticeable and stays securely in place even during intense and dynamic workouts.

Specific heart rate readings include current, maximum, minimum and average. It also measures basic metabolic rate (BMR), an estimation of future calories burned based on your personal data input, and tracks your total caloric burn over the course of an entire day. In addition, the ePulse monitors target exercise zones and includes in-zone alerts.

epulse heart rate monitor 2Battery life is relatively short but can be preserved by using the "on-demand" mode. The ePulse uses AAA batteries and requires no programming to begin displaying heart rate data immediately.

Currently the ePulse does not incorporate a downloadable data option to track dates and progress on a home computer. We hope and expect future versions will include this feature.

The ePulse is an accurate and reliable device that makes it practical and convenient to track heart rate and calories burned while performing literally any type of activity. It's appropriate for running, aerobics, treadmill and elliptical exercise, cycling, tennis, golf, resistance training and even passive daily activities at work and home.

Impact Sports ePulse Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Details

  • Strapless heart rate monitor and calorimeter
  • Lightweight, comfortable arm band design
  • Tracks current heart rate, maximum and minimum heart rates, and average heart rate
  • Calculates calories burned based on personal profile and heart rate
  • Includes fat burning and cardio target zones

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  1. Our take is that if you want a great strapless heart rate monitor at an excellent price than you are making a good choice with the Bowflex Basic.

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