Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Everlast Folding Exercise Floor Mat | Comfortable Thick Foam for Fitness Training, Yoga & Stretching

everlast-exercise-mat1This Everlast exercise mat is among the highest-rated available, so we were interested in what makes it so popular.

The main attraction is the 1-5/8 inch bonded foam padding; thicker with more cushion than most mats, yet not too soft. In addition to comfort it provides insulation from cold floors.

The non-absorbent, easy to clean shell resists moisture and is perfect for stretching, yoga, Wii Fit or any DVD exercise routine.

It also absorbs noise which is ideal for those living in an apartment or condo with neighbors below.

The mat measures 24" x 72", folds smoothly to 24" x 36" and includes sewn-on handles for easy transport. Some prefer mats with two folds because they store more compactly. The advantage to one fold is more stability and comfort when in use.

This is not the most important exercise related purchase you'll make, but it's much preferred to cheap mats or exercising on carpet.

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