Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Everlast Weighted Gloves | Adjustable Cross Training Exercise Enhancement

everlast weighted gloveThe Everlast weighted gloves give a boost to cardio and body toning workouts by adding one pound of weight to each hand. They're commonly used with P90X, Turbo Jam, Wii Fit, Tae Bo, kickboxing, shadowboxing and MMA.

The sealed weight pouches are positioned on the back of the hand, allowing the flexible shell to conform to your grip, leaving the palms uncovered. This lets the hand operate normally and keeps the majority of the glove material relatively free from sweat.

The velcro wrist straps are very secure and the inside is lined with comfortable neoprene. The gloves are designed to fit a variety wrist sizes but may not fit snugly around very small hands.

One pound doesn't sound like much but when strapped to your hands you'll notice the difference immediately. The cumulative effect of multiple reps and routines over time can be dramatic.

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