Saturday, May 5th, 2018

FitDeck Exercise Cards | Bodyweight Only Workouts with Instructional Fitness DVD

fit-deck-exercise-cardsFor those who can’t afford a gym membership or expensive exercise equipment here‘s a unique and novel approach to staying fit. FitDeck is a set of 56 casino quality, laminated custom playing cards that let you mix up your exercise routine with a simple shuffle of the deck.  The chosen exercises are “bodyweight-only” and do not require fitness equipment.

The FitDeck cards are color coded for each part of the body -- If you want to focus exclusively on the upper body, just shuffle the blue cards.  In all there are over 1 million exercise routine permutations available. Additionally, each card includes three fitness levels to accommodate beginner, intermediate and advanced users.  The deck also comes with "Wild" cards, "Warm Up/Cool Down" cards and Upper/Lower Body Stretching".

The 50-minute DVD includes inventor and former Navy SEAL Instructor Phil Black giving detailed examples of over 60 workouts. This system has caught fire, in part due to exposure in Shape, Bicycling and other health magazines. FitDeck provides an addictive and fun new approach to exercise. You can literally use it for years and never do the same workout twice.

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