Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Fitness Master Indoor Spinning Cycle | X Series Momentum Home Exercise Bike with Outdoor Cycling Feel

fitness master momentum bikeUnlike most home exercise bikes the Fitness Master X Series Momentum has no complicated electronics, does not require electricity and gets by without a computer console. This is a heavy, substantial spinning bike that simulates the riding effort of an outdoor road cycle. Learn more about spinning here.

The X series Momentum features a hefty 44 lb flywheel and a quiet, low maintenance belt drive. The ergonomic seat is anatomically engineered, adjustable both vertically and horizontally and includes a mid-section cut-away for easy mounting.

The spinning system incorporates clincher resistance and the flywheel can be halted using the quick stop knob.

The cycle pedals are high performance, weighted and include comfortable and secure foot straps. The pro style handle bar is also adjustable both horizontally and vertically.

With no electronics you won't be concerned about the computer operations breaking down, not uncommon for exercise bike display panels, but you won't be able to track time, speed, distance etc. A good heart rate monitor is recommended when using this type of bike.

While assembly is a relatively easy six step process the components are heavy; the assembled bike weights 125 pounds. The package includes all the required tools.

The bike comes with a Momentum water bottle and an outdoor bicycle style water bottle holder.

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