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Fitness Model Favorites | 10 Stunning Competitors Share Their Ultimate Workout Routines

Obsession Fitness contacted 10 top fitness models to learn about their distinguished backgrounds and the workout routines and types of exercise equipment that helped sculpt their amazing bodies.

Our selection criteria went beyond a pretty face and sexy figure. Each of these models is also an accomplished fitness competitor and an elite athlete, trainer or health industry professional.

This is NOT a top 10 list. Be sure to read about all of these beautiful and talented women.

Sharon Polsky WBFF Pro Fitness Model

sharon1 300Sharon, formerly a dancer and athlete, has been a personal trainer for 15 years and a national fitness seminar presenter for 10 years. She is now the proud owner of Pole Position Fitness Inc. in Long Beach California; offering Personal Training and Group Fitness Services, as well as developing and offering the only Fitness Industry recognized Pole Fitness Program in the United States.

Sharon is also a certified by AFAA, ACE, Spinning and Pilates Method in fitness and is an examiner and provider for AFAA & ACE for the Step, Primary and Programs of her own. Sharon's personal practice includes developing weight loss and muscle development programs for her Personal Training clients.

Career Highlights

  • Developed the only Pole Fitness program and instructor certification course based on ACSM guidelines
  • Developed the only Pole Fitness program specifically designed for Health Clubs
  • Champion Fitness America Classic, November 2009
  • California Ambassador for Cathy Savage Fitness
  • Master Trainer for Helix Fitness Equipment
  • Top 10 Finalist and World Qualification for Ms. Fitness 2009
  • Spokesmodel for Malibu Strings Bikini Company
  • Spokesmodel for Las Vegas Bike Fest 2009

Favorite Workouts

The fitness industry tells us that there are specific workout methods that are the most efficient and effective ways to accomplish your fitness goals, but if it's something you hate doing then you won't stick with it. Find a workout program that's fun and you will stay motivated to accomplish your goals. Some of my favorites include Outdoor Bootcamp, Helix, Hoola Hooping, Pole Fitness, Capoeira, and Ballet Fitness; but whatever it is you choose, remember to keep moving.

USA Routine 7 525

Learn more about Sharon at sharonpolsky.com and facebook and www.polepositionfitness.com

Nicole Moneer Guerrero

Nicole 1 298Nicole is a Top 5 nationally and Top 10 internationally ranked PRO fitness competitor and fitness/bikini model, as well as a skilled personal trainer and educator. Her disciplined, results-oriented approach has garnered her industry accolades and has inspired her clients to achieve their own personal fitness goals.

Nicole is an NASM personal trainer and an AFAA group exercise instructor for LifeTime fitness where she advises private clients and leads large group classes.

Showcasing her competition results and fitness tips, Nicole has been featured in such publications as Oxygen Magazine, Almost Famous Magazine, Ms. Fitness Magazine, Iron Man Magazine and Fitness Experts Magazine, as well as on a variety of local Chicago-area television and radio shows.

During the 1994-1995 season, she was a member of the World Champion Chicago Bulls cheerleading squad and was later a part of the Bally Total Fitness Performance Team. She earned the title as Ms. Fitness Illinois in 2004 and 2007, as well as the 2004 and 2007 Fitness America, Midwest Fitness Festival Champion, among others.

Career Highlights

  • 2009 Bikini Classic Universe (Champion)
  • 2009 Ms. Fitness USA (5th Place)
  • 2009 Ms. Bikini Mexico (4th Place)
  • 2009 Fitness Mexico International (Guest Performer)
  • 2009 Ms. Fitness World (10th place)
  • 2009 Ms. Fitness USA’s & World’s on Fox Sports Net
  • 2008 Bikini Classic Universe (2nd Place)
  • 2008 Fitness Universe (9th Place)
  • 2008 Ms. Fitness USA’s (7th place, Top 15 on Fox Sports Net)
  • 2007 Ms. Fitness Illinois (1st place and 2004 Ms. Fitness IL)
  • 2007 Fitness Universe Pageant (10th Place)
  • 2007 Midwest Fitness America (Champion)
  • 2006 Fitness America Pageant (13th Place)
  • 2006 and 2005 FAME Nationals, PRO status (12th place)
  • 2005 Ms. Fitness USA's, PRO status (9th place, Top 15 on Fox Sports Net)
  • 2004 Fitness America Pageant Nationals (Top 20 Finalist)
  • 2004 Fitness America, Midwest Fitness Festival (Champion)
  • 2003 Fitness Universe (Top 20 Finalist)

Favorite Workouts

Foam/Body Rolling, which is a type of stretching. I use Yamuna balls, Power-Systems Massage Bar and SPRI Foam Rollers. As a competitive athlete my body takes a beating and rolling helps to lengthen my muscles, improve circulation and relieve tightness. I do it with all my clients and believe everyone can benefit by incorporating it into their workouts as a warm up or cool down.

Mark26 525Learn more about Nicole at nicolemoneer.com

and see our exclusive five question interview with Nicole

Taryn Bagrosky

fitnessusa 602 300Taryn began her fitness career after graduating from CSU with a degree in Health and Exercise Science. She then moved to New York City to work as a fitness specialist for NBC studios. It was here that she discovered her passion for personal training and Pilates. She brought that passion back to Denver, where her family and husband currently reside.

After years of training and dancing, Taryn combined the two to take the stage as a fitness competitor. Following much local success, she took competition to the next level by competing in the USA's.

Taryn now works as a personal trainer and Power Pilates instructor at Peak Physique Studio in Denver. She is currently training for Ms. Fitness USA 2010.


Career Highlights

  • Fitness Specialist for NBC, New York City
  • 2009 Ms Fitness World (Top 20)
  • 2009 Ms Fitness USA (6th Place)
  • 2008 Lonestar Bikini Diva (Champion)
  • 2008 Ms Fitness Lonestar (Champion)
  • 2008 Ms Fitness World (Top 20)
  • 2008 Ms Fitness USA (5th Place)
  • 2005 Ms Fitness Colorado (Champion)
  • 2005 Northern Colorado Bodybuilding (2nd Runner Up)

Favorite Workouts

Bosu trainers, wobble boards -- anything incorporating balance and core work! The stair stepper and treadmill are my favorite for cardio. Between the two, I can do dozens of different intervals to ensure a great leg and cardio workout!

prejudging routine2 525Learn more about Taryn at peakphysiquestudio.com and msfitness.com

Else Lautala

ShockAbsorElse was born and raised in Helsinki Finland. In her early years she participated in ballet and by age 7 began to gravitate toward more competitive endeavors, entering into rhythmic gymnastics which occupied much of her childhood.

At age 18 she moved on to Sport Aerobic where she fulfilled her dream of capturing the National Championship,  not just once but a remarkable seven times. She entered her first fitness competition in 2001 and now incorporates competitive events into her "fitness lifestyle."

"None of us are natural born champions, but with a hard work, years of training and the right nutrition plan, we can reach our dreams and goals."

Career Highlights

  • 2009 Ms Fitness World Championships (2nd Place)
  • 2009 Fitness Universe (5th Place)
  • 2008 Ms Fitness World Championships (2nd Place)
  • 2008 Fitness America (6th Place)
  • 2008 Ms Bikini Universe short class (3rd Place)
  • 2007 Ms Fitness World Championships (5th Place)
  • 2007 Fitness America (Champion)
  • 2007 Fitness Universe (4th Place)
  • 2007 Ms Bikini Universe medium class (Champion)
  • Seychelles09 3002006 Fitness America (6th Place)
  • 2006 Ms Bikini tall class (3rd Place)
  • 2005 Ms Fitness World Championships (Champion)
  • 2004 Ms Fitness World Championships (5th Place)
  • 2003 Ms Fitness World Championships (Champion)
  • 2003 Ms Fitness World Championships (Champion)
  • 2003 Fitness model of the year in Finland
  • 1997-2002 FISAF & FIG Sport Aerobic 1997-2002 Seven-time National Champion

Favorite Workouts

My favorite body part to work at the gym is shoulders...I especially love a move called the "Travolta." My favorite lower body workout is the lying hamstring curl. I currently train twice a day, six times a week in preparation for upcoming challenges and competitions.

Learn more about Else at elselautala.com

Linda Okwor

MDR Fitness Shoot Yoga 300Linda is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer through World Instructors Schools (WITS) and holds a certification in Sports Performance Nutrition through International Sports Science Association (ISSA). She shares her passion for health and fitness through community and international programs such as Rotary, Mobile Health Clinics, Special Olympics, School on Wheels, and the Police Activities League. In an effort to help even more people reach their health and fitness goals, Linda started BWELL FITNESS along with one of her best friends, Toneka Pires who shares a similar passion.

Linda is a professional fitness competitor and representative, spokesperson, and a television program creator. She was a professional NBA basketball cheerleader for several years and made frequent appearances on national and local television and in printed media.

Linda holds memberships with the following prestigious organizations: National MBA Association IDEA Fitness and Health Association World Instructors School (WITS) International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Ms. Fitness USA Ms. Fitness World Ms. Fitness America Ms. Fitness Universe.

Career Highlights

  • 2008 Fitness USA (8th Place)
  • 2008 Fitness World (16th Place)
  • 2006-2009 - Supplementstogo.com (Spokesperson)
  • 2001-Current - Innovative Fitness (Spokesperson and Fitness Representative)
  • 2007 Universe of Fitness (Champion)
  • 2007 Fitness USA (6th Place)
  • 2006 Fitness America (9th Place)
  • 2006 Triple A Fitness Universe (2nd Place)
  • 2006 Triple A Fitness National Legacy (2nd Place)
  • 2003 Fitness Universe (5th Place)
  • 2003 Fitness South Beach (Champion)
  • 2001 ESPN Series (Champion)
  • 2001 Fitness America (7th Place)
  • 2001 Fitness Great Lakes (Champion)
  • 2001 Swimsuit America, Midwest (Champion)

MDR Fitness Ball Shoot 525Favorite Workouts

I really enjoy doing functional and sports workout routines which require you to step away from typical gym equipment. Lately I've been doing outdoor training like hiking, running the Santa Monica Stairs or the Sand Dune, and power yoga. I mix it up with ply metrics, bosu ball and bands.

A sample workout:: Sprint 50 – 100 feet / 20 jump squats, run backwards/10 close (triceps) push ups, bear crawl 20-50 feet/kick up handstands, walking lung back to beginning point/plank balance for one minute, leap frog 20-50 feet/T stabilizers 10 on each side, Walking side squats 20-50 yards with leg bands/crunch to standing on bosu ball. Rest 30 seconds before each line; rest 2-5 minutes after all the exercises; repeat entire sequence 3 times. It should take 45 min -1 hour to finish workout…and it will surely kick your booty;)!!

Learn more about Linda at modelfitness.com/linda_okwor and IdeaFit.com


Jeanette Ortega

4th Jeanette Ortega DSC[15] 300Outside of her continued training regime and competitive background, Jeanette coaches and trains all types of individuals from beginners to the most advanced. She has also crossed into the corporate arena, bringing fitness routines into the workplace.

An athlete herself, she has grown to realize the diverse needs that exist in the fitness arena, so she diversified her own company into segments that would be able to tailor the specific goals of the people who approached her for assistance. Not only does she have a series of fitness boot camp sessions open to all, but she has established a following for brides/grooms and their wedding party to prepare for their “big” day by getting into “wedding” shape.

Jeanette has also created a division for the more advanced, elite individuals that need an extra push during their sport specific or triathlon training. It has created a wonderful phenomenon of attainable goals, continued success and dramatic results and changes in their bodies and performance. It takes the word “defeat” out of their vocabulary and replaces it with “victory.” Jeanette thrives on being a witness to people’s accomplishments; it gives her great joy.

R-0067 compressed 225Career Highlights

  • Certified Personal Trainer for 16 years
  • 2009 Ms. Bikini America Classic (First Place)
  • 2008 National Ms. Bikini America (4th Place)
  • 2008 Sports Model Hollywood (3rd Place)
  • 2008 Ms. Fitness Los Angeles (3rd Place)
  • 2008 Ms. Flex Appeal Las Vegas (5th Place)
  • 2008 Ms. Fitness USA (Top 20)
  • 2004 Ms. Fitness Hollywood (3rd Place)
  • 2004 Ms. Fitness USA (Top 20)
  • Fitness model for select magazines & sports clubs
  • Featured Fitness contestant article in Ms. Fitness magazine Summer 2004
  • Competition picture featured in Oxygen magazine Spring 2009

Favorite Workouts

Step Mill and/or Elliptical Trainer. The Step Mill Machine is an awesome cardio, leg and butt workout. My workout routine consists of interval training...I start slow and really squeeze all leg muscles as I walk up each step for the first 5 minutes, I then increase speed and really push it hard and fast for 1 minute, slow it down for 1-2 minute(s) and then increase the speed again for 1 minute...repeat for 30 minutes. I then hop onto the Elliptical trainer and select the random workout program and select a good resistance. I then proceed to start and when the random program shows 1 or 2 dots I let go of the handles and do a hard run for the allotted time, then grasp the handles and slow the speed with a higher resistance when 3 or more dots appear. I continue this for 30 minutes.

Learn more about Jeanette at jeanetteortega.com and jeanetteortegasbootcamp.com

Cara Kokenes Samson

Cara Ms Fitness 300Cara is the proud owner of CKS Fitness as well as an IBM Technical Sales Specialist from Morton, Illinois. She attended Miami University (of Ohio) where she completed a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and a B.A. in Psychology. From there, Cara went on to pursue her Master’s of Science degree in Kinesiology specializing in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Her experience as a national Uneven Parallel Bar and vault champion in collegiate gymnastics at Miami of Ohio coupled with her fitness background led her to claim the Title of Ms Fitness USA 2007 and second runner up Ms Fitness World.

These endeavors propelled Cara into the judging arena of local and national Fitness and Pageant competitions.

Cara is a well known fitness personality and media representative seen on Fox Sports Net, Comcast Sportsnet and ESPN.

Career Highlights

  • Revive Mints pic 2 300d2008 Ms Fitness USA representative at the New York City “Fight For Charity” Boxing Tournament
  • 2008 Ms Fitness World Competitor, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2007 Ms Fitness USA 2007 (Champion)
  • 2007 Ms Fitness World 2007 (Fourth Place)
  • 2006 Ms Universe (Champion)
  • 2005 Ms Fitness Legacy (Champion)
  • 2000-2004 Fitness America Pageant National Finalist
  • Fitness America Pageant Chicago Regional Champion
  • Fitness America Pageant ESPN Series Champion
  • Varsity Fitness National Champion

Favorite Workouts

My primary workouts are focused around cardiovascular activity. I have several gym memberships and enjoy a variety of equipment at Gold's Gym, Four Seasons of Bloomington, and Bally Total Fitness.

Precor, Nautilus, Phoenix and Schwinn and Weider equipment are amongst my favorites! I often add circuit training, yoga and high impact aerobics into my training schedule.

Learn more about Cara at cksfitness.com

Amber Nimedez

amber1 300Amber is known as "Lil Miss Fit" around Southern California due to her petite and feminine frame that explodes with her passion for fitness. She may be small, but this girl is one tough firecracker.

Originally from the bay area, Amber currently lives in Marina Del Rey, CA and works for L.I.F.E., a live-in boot camp weight loss retreat. She's also a model, TV host and second year Ms. Fitness competitor who holds the title of Ms. Fitness Hawaiian Islands 2008. Amber hopes to lead by example and prove that you can be an active, natural, healthy, feminine fit woman without being too big and muscular.

Aside from modeling and fitness competitions, Amber is an Accredited Exercise Therapist certified by The Egoscue University specializing in posture alignment. She continues to educate and train clients while motivating them to "live life, live free, live fit."

Career Highlights

  • 2008 Ms. Fitness Hawaiian Islands
  • Nationally Ranked Fitness Competitor
  • TV Personality for LA Muscle TV
  • Nationally Ranked Acrobatic and Gymnast
  • L.I.F.E. Coach

Favorite Workouts

An Egoscue Method Pre/Post Menu followed by TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) Full Body Routine.

Nimedez5 525

Learn more about Amber at camptechnique.com

Heidi Malano

FitnessWorld1 300As a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, Heidi makes fitness an important part of her every day life both personally and professionally. She believes that fitness has allowed her to enjoy some of life’s greatest pleasures, from snowboarding the great Rocky Mountains to surfing the awesome waters of Baja.

In addition to challenging her clients with creative workouts each day, over the past few years she has enjoyed challenging herself on the fitness stage.

Career Highlights

  • 2009 Ms. Fitness USA (3rd Place)
  • 2009 Ms. Fitness World (13th Place)
  • 2008 Ms. Fitness USA (4th Place)
  • 2008 Ms. Fitness World (11th Place)
  • 2007 Ms. Fitness USA (2nd Place)
  • 2007 Ms. Fitness World (8th Place)
  • 2007 Figure America/Fitness Hollywood (5th Place)
  • 2007 Fitness America/Fitness Hollywood (12th Place)
  • 2006 Ms. Fitness Colorado (1st Place)
  • 2006 Ms. Physique Colorado (1st Place)

Favorite Workouts

StairMaster by Nautilus: I can just feel my legs being sculpted every step of the way! Plate-loaded Leg Sled by Star Trac: I use this one leg at a time; bringing my knee all the way down to my chest with control before pressing out with power.

Malano5 525Learn more about Heidi at heidifit.com

Alex Navarro

Fitness 104 300cAlex was a very active child, from competing in Gymnastics at age 8 to joining the wrestling team in High School, she always welcomed new challenges. She soon became the gym rat that she is today. After spending countless hours in the gym she became a personal trainer. Alex loves to help others find strength within themselves and to push through personal barriers.

Alex's passion for competing was rediscovered when entering her first Bikini Diva competition a few years back. Since then she has competed in a wide range of fitness and bikini contests. She welcomes the challenge, the fun of creating a fitness routine and being able to show off all the hard work and dedication. It’s a sport she will continue to have fun with for years to come.

Career Highlights

  • 2009 Ms. Fitness Windsor (1st Place)
  • 2009 Ms. Fitness Silver and Black (2nd Place)
  • Right high kick 2392008 Ms. Fitness Natural Olympia (3rd Place)
  • 2008 Ms. Fitness Team USA (2nd Place)
  • 2008 Ms. Fitness USA (11th Place)
  • 2008 Ms. Fitness Windsor (1st Place)
  • 2007 Bikini Diva Las Vegas (1st Place)
  • 2007 Sports Model Las Vegas (3rd Place)
  • 2007 Bikini Diva San Francisco (1st Place)
  • 2007 Sports Model San Francisco (1st Place)
  • 2007 Bikini Diva Oakland (1st Place)

Favorite Workouts

I love working legs. The leg press and hack squat are awesome. I also really enjoy going to the track and running the bleachers. Leg work makes me feel strong and powerful. Know your body, trust yourself and go into every new activity with positive feelings and embrace what can come from that. Don’t let age, gender or past experiences limit what you are capable of accomplishing. The only true way to determine if something is possible is by attempting it.

Learn more about Alex at flexologysf.com and body-mechanix.com

  • Which of these professional profiles is most impressive?
  • Are there any other models you would like to see profiled?
  • Have you tried any of the recommended equipment, techniques or workout routines?
  • Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!
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