Sunday, May 6th, 2018

Fitness News: Annual Trends Report Hightlights Growth in Diversity of Exercise Options

idea fitThe array of consumer options is constantly evolving as fitness industry leaders look for innovative and non-traditionial ways to keep people in shape.

The IDEA Health & Fitness Association, one of the largest organizations of fitness professionals in the world, has released results from its 14th annual IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends Report.

The survey indicates that the diversity of exercise equipment, fitness classes and programs has continued to increase as consumers shift their desires and needs.

10 fitness methods expected to see future growth:

  • Mind-body fusion
  • Teen fitness
  • Social activity groups
  • Seniors classes
  • Small-group classes on machines
  • Combination/Hybrid classes
  • Dance
  • Small group boot camps
  • Boot camp classes, indoor
  • Group activities, outdoor
  • Small-group classes, eight people or fewer

The survey was conducted among club owners, fitness directors and other fitness professionals looking to adapt in the midst of an unstable economy.

[Source: IDEA Health & Fitness Association]

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One Response to “Fitness News: Annual Trends Report Hightlights Growth in Diversity of Exercise Options”
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