Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Fitness News: More Than a Fitness Fad | Exercise-Themes Games increase in Popularity

fitness games 2A few years ago the number of fitness-themed games was but a small percentage of the multi-billion dollar video game industry. Now, with the success of EA Sports Active, Wii Fit and others, there's been an increased focus on development of new fitness related titles.

Fitness games act as virtual personal trainers, guiding users through quick sports games, exercise routines or full fitness programs, while tracking progress along the way. The fun factor and emerging multi-player options help keep users motivated as the novelty wears off.

This success has attracted the attention of not only game manufacturers but real health professionals. The University of Mississippi and Indiana University have both begun investigating whether interactive video games are viable tools to promote health and combat obesity, rather than just another fitness fad.

"Your body doesn't care if you're going out on the street riding a bicycle or pedaling in front of a Wii screen," says Lew Lyon, vice president of MedStar Sports Health at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore and a sports psychologist.

These games have been effective at getting kids and adults off the couch and promoting a less sedentary lifestyle. Fewer than 40 percent of Americans are getting enough exercise, Lyon points out. "If we can get 10 percent more active (with video games) that's a good thing."

[Source: The Detroit News]

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