Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Fitness News: Paula Abdul, Natalie Gulbis endorse “World’s First Self-Guiding, Eco-Friendly Stretch Mats”

g2-stretch-mat2G2 Fitness has released a line of unique fitness mats with each essential stretch position for a given discipline displayed right on the mat. The diagrams are tastefully displayed for easy reference so you'll never forget the next stretch or need to refer to other material during a routine.

File this in the "Why didn't I think of this?" folder. Inspiration and motivation are key to maintaining any fitness program and these mats are an effective tool to help keep you on track.

The instructional mats are physician-certified, portable and 100% recyclable. They can be used at home or easily folded and taken to the gym. The thick, comfortable cushion design includes a bacteria-resistant, washable non-slip surface to increase the life of the product.

G2 Fitness Mats available now:

  • General Stretch Fitness Program
  • Golf Stretch Fitness Program
  • Back Stretch Fitness Program
  • Yoga Pose Fitness Program
  • Maternity Stretch Fitness Program
  • Pilates Personal Fitness Program
  • Ab-Fit Exercise Program

[Source: Business Wire]

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