Friday, February 15th, 2019

Foam Roller

Foam Roller

I just couldn't believe what all of the rage was about for foam rollers.

While eating at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, one of the waiters asked me if I had tried a foam roller. I said no and he very persistently encouraged me to do so.

I just couldn't believe anything so simple could be such a big deal so I dismissed it. But again, the next time I visited that restaurant he again asked if I had purchased a foam roller.

Well, at this point curiosity had gotten the best of me. I needed to investigate what all of the hubbub was about. So I researched a bit and after seeing hundreds and hundreds of people leaving exceptional ratings about what a foam roller had done for them, I ordered one. Then I watched some YouTube videos on how to use foam rollers.

I was really surprised when I lied down vertically on one with the foam roller running down the middle of my back, when I heard Crack, Snapple and Pop and no it wasn't my Rice Krispies.

The foam roller is something to use again and again.

In one of the videos I watched about how to use a foam roller, the personal trainer in the video said a very heavy truck driver used one under his supervision and literally tears rolled down his cheeks from the pain.

There could be a lot of tender areas that need working on before you get all of the kinks rolled out.

Make sure you are careful trying one out if you're not in good shape. Someone knowledgeable to assist would be a good idea.

Good Luck, Have fun, but be careful!

White is the softest, then blue, then black.
The black foam is harder and tends to hold up longer.
I ordered the 36" foam as one of the reviewers indicated that his roller wasn't long enough to vertically run down his back.

Oh yes, and the Mexican waiter told me "never ever" to leave it around a dog, should I have one, as his dog loves to chew it up! - Jack

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