Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym | Adjustable Resistance Bands for Core Body Building

freeform-hideaway-gymWatching the video demonstration for this product reminded us of the American Inventor program that ran on television a couple of years ago. We love passion and creativity in fitness innovation and it's great to see former bodybuilder and creator Jim Deola's concept made it to market.

We might respectfully disagree that the FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym is "the most efficient core body building exercise machine on the market today", but it certainly is unique, compact and provides a solid full body resistance workout.

This machine offers a comprehensive range of forward facing, rear facing and squat exercises. Simple adjustments allow you to go from minimal to maximum resistance in seconds without leaving the seat.

freeform-hideaway-gym2Three dimensional arm pieces provide a free-floating motion and include multiple connection points that facilitate various ranges of motion to work different muscle groups.

Among the most impressive features is an ingenious design that lets you folds down the machine to less than 5 inches flat in a matter of seconds -- check it out at the end of the video below.

The FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym ships fully assembled and includes a workout chart showing each available gym position.

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FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym Video Demonstration

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2 Responses to “FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym | Adjustable Resistance Bands for Core Body Building”
  1. GOMAB2k4 says:

    I am interested in this gym. How does it compare to the Dosho Gym 5000?

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