Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

GoFit Door Frame Pull Up/Chin Up Bar | With Bracket Mount Hardware

gofit pullup barThis old fashioned style chin up bar is an alternative to the "no screw" easy-mount chinup bars that are among the most popular home fitness items we've seen in recent years.

The GoFit Chin-Up Bar adjusts to fit standard door frames between 28" - 36". The bar can be used for chinups as well as crunches and situps when anchored at the door base. Weight capacity is 250 pounds.

gofit pullup bar bracketsThis is not the twist-to-tighten variety of chinup bar that has been around for decades; it requires mounting hardware (included) to install properly and safely.

While the grips are high quality and comfortable, this bar lacks the wide-grip functionality of handles that extend beyond the door frame seen in the easy mount models.

This is an adequate bar if you're on a budget, but also see the more versatile but still very affordable Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar or P90X Chin-Up Bar (see bottom of Beachbody's page).

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4 Responses to “GoFit Door Frame Pull Up/Chin Up Bar | With Bracket Mount Hardware”
  1. I had this thing, worked great until i had to remove it off the wall. Great price though, def recommend it .

  2. Nice, my friend has one of these… Reminds me I need to get one!

  3. Weight Gain says:

    Really you have done a fabulous job..Thanks for sharing!


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