Saturday, May 5th, 2018

GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station | Versatile Doorway Pull Up Bar

One drawback to modern doorway chin up/pull up bars is the need for taller users to bend at the knees to avoid dragging their feet on the ground. The Elevated Chin Up Station from GoFit addresses this issue by raising the bar eight inches, creating more clearance and allowing for a full range of motion during a workout.

The bar mounts safely and firmly in standard doorways (32" - 34") using no screws, just leverage and gravity.

The patent-pending design elevates the top bar above the door frame when performing chin ups and pull ups and accommodates several hand positions at two elevations. When placed on the ground, the station can be used for sit ups, push ups and dips.

The construction and craftsmanship may be considered sub par when compared to more expensive doorway chin up bars. The foam on the grips is relatively thin and the machining of the screw holes is not of the highest quality. Still, this is a solid and uniquely designed chin up bar, especially recommended for tall users.

Doorway chin up bars are ideal for use with P90X and other popular DVD home workout programs.

The package includes a convenient exercise flip chart.

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  1. Personal Trainer Chicago says:

    I have this equipment exercise. We sit-up and push up use this equipment. It is really effective to burn the fats and stay good shape of our body. Of course my abs are flattened.

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