Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Gold’s Gym Pullup/Chinup, Pushup, Abdominal 3-in-One Circuit Training System

golds cross trainingWith the recent explosion in popularity of doorway pullup bars, rotational pushup devices and ab/core trainers, Gold's Gym has created a fitness kit that neatly incorporates all three into one package.

The 3-in-one set includes a grip-lock doorway gym for pullups and chinups, rotating pushup stands, and ab straps that can be attached the the pullup bar for core training.

The grip-lock bar attaches to any door frame in seconds without the need for brackets or screws. It can also be used for situps by anchoring the bar at the bottom of the doorway. Tricep dips can be performed by placing the bar flat on the ground.

Emulating the trend that started with The Perfect Pushup, the Gold's pushup stands rotate to accommodate a more natural exercise motion, but take it step further by including adjustable resistance.

The ab straps help you work the core and abdominals by performing body weight exercises while hanging from the pullup bar.

The compact kit weighs 8 pounds and is easy to pack up and store in a closet or under a bed.

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One Response to “Gold’s Gym Pullup/Chinup, Pushup, Abdominal 3-in-One Circuit Training System”
  1. Tyler says:

    Buy it. You will not regret it.

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