Saturday, May 5th, 2018

GymAmerica | Forbes “Best of Web” Online Personal Trainer

GymAmerica provides a comprehensive step-by-step blueprint for becoming fitter, leaner and stronger. It's been lauded by ESPN Magazine as "Top Notch" and won Forbes Magazine "Best of Web" award for physical fitness.

The web-based system includes personalized health and fitness programs designed to tailor workout routines and diet plans to your individual needs.

Customized Workouts
The interactive software delivers a workout routine designed specifically to match your goals, ability, age, gender and experience level. The intelligent system uses your results to adjust your program and guide you toward your fitness goals.

Customized Diet Plans
The diet system offers a variety of plans customized to conform to your unique basal metabolic rate (BMR), goals, activity level and lifestyle. The software's artificial intelligence uses your results to refine your BMR and better help you reach your ideal weight.

The intuitive interactive interface makes workout modification a snap and is visually enhanced with over 150 animated exercise demonstrations, multiple graphs and personal strength goals and stats.

Gym America offers a free 10 days trial.

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