Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Gymboss Exercise Interval Timer | V2.0 GB2009 Alarm by Beep, Vibration, or Both

gymboss gb2009 v2Here's a remarkably simple, affordable but useful and effective fitness accessory.

The Gymboss is a compact, easy to use, interval timer that lets you to focus attention on your workout rather than repeatedly checking a clock or stopwatch. An alarm by beep, vibration or both signals when to move to your next interval.

The GB2009 is an upgrade to the original V.1. Both units are about the size of a small pager and clip securely on the waistband. The GB2009 adds a new stopwatch feature.

The intervals are flexible and accurate. Timer settings include: Boxing (3 minute workout, 1 minute rest) and Sprinting (15 second workout, 50 second rest), and can be set from 1 to 99 rounds. You can also calculate warm-up and cool down times.

The highest alarm volume is loud enough to hear over music or traffic. You can choose between alarm lengths of one, five and ten seconds.

The GB2009 is available in silver, hot pink or slate gray.

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One Response to “Gymboss Exercise Interval Timer | V2.0 GB2009 Alarm by Beep, Vibration, or Both”
  1. sHERRY says:

    Can the gymboss clock be set for 1 minute intervals for 45 minutes long.

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