Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Harbinger 371000 Deluxe Ab Straps | Hanging, Chin & Pull-Up Bar Doorway Ab Sculpting

harbinger-ab-strapsThese Deluxe Ab Straps from Harbinger, manufacturer of a wide range of weight lifting accessories, strengthen and tone abdominal muscles using the body's own weight.

The finely crafted condura nylon slings fit comfortably around the upper arms while large steel hooks latch onto chin-up bars, pull-up bars and universal gyms. The hooks, or carbineers, include a locking clasp mechanism for added safety and security.

The inside of the bottom strap is padded with 1.5 inch high density foam and the side straps are lined with brushed nylon to cushion and the protect your arms.

The Harbinger 371000 Deluxe Ab Straps allow you to perform focused ab training, including straight leg raises and side raises, without irritating the arms, wrists or shoulders.

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