Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Harbinger 373500 Push Up Bars/Stands | Stationary Padded Handle Upper Body Workout

harbinger pushup barHere's another entry in the ever-expanding field of push up devices and an inexpensive alternative to the popular infomercial brands.

The Harbinger Padded Push Up Bars adequately provide all the benefits of off-the-floor pushup products, but lack the rotating handle design featured in the Perfect Pushup and Pushup Pro.
A rotating handle lets your arms move fluidly and naturally as when using a dumbbell, engaging more muscles in the upper body.

While they do not rotate, the Harbinger handles do remove the wrist and hand stress usually associated with floor push ups. The grips on these bars are comfortable and wrapped with foam padding.

Another benefit of this design, or any raised push up bar, is the increased range of motion and ability to dip further while performing a push up.

The Harbingers don't cost much, partially due to the all plastic construction, and look kind of cheap. The flip side of this is the extreme light weight, making them among the most portable of any fitness equipment that we would recommend.

The delta shaped base is attractive and space saving but we prefer a rounded base for added safety. Although the Harbingers can support up to 350 pounds on each bar, on rare occasions they can tip over if set too far apart or if your arms waver too much.

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