Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

“I’m Not A Fraud” | Jillian Michaels Fires Back at LA Times Critic

Jillian Michaels has faced criticism in the past for her unique training approach and lack of focus on proper form. But to call Michaels a "fraud" and "not actually a real fitness trainer; an actress playing the role of fitness trainer on TV," is ludicrous.

These were among the assertions made by James S. Fell, a fitness coach based in Canada, in a article published by the Los Angeles Times. Fell went on to criticize her "regular displays of poor technique and unsafe training practices" along with her lack of credentials to teach amateurs how to use kettle bells in her latest DVD, Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights.

Michaels responded strongly to the claims, telling Us Magazine, "Shame on the Los Angeles Times for saying I'm a fraud and not a trainer. I currently own two certifications, one of which doesn't expire. I developed my own continuing education program for trainers, with sports medicine doctors. I've been a trainer since I was 17-years old for 19 years."

She also fought back on her Facebook page, claiming to hold current certifications from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) and the Aerobic & Fitness Association of America (AFFA).

Fell refers to other trainers who take issue with Michaels’ kettlebell instructions.“Her technique is appalling,” David Cheng, chief instructor at Kettlebells Los Angeles, told Fell in reference to her use of the exercise apparatus.

“What she says in the video and what she demonstrates are two different things. She doesn’t break things down into manageable pieces that prompt people to get the correct form, so instead she is enabling bad form,” he said.

We agree that Kettlebell training is a unique discipline that requires an emphasis on proper form and safety. But Jillian Michaels is not a fraud. She's a licensed, experienced trainer who happens to work in show business. As one of the most visible fitness trainers in the business, Michaels has helped motivate millions to lose weight, get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Michaels also told Us magazine that she planned legal action. "They didn’t do any of their homework. It’s defamation, it’s libel, it’s full-on,” she said.

It’s not the first time Michaels has been criticized and sued for claims made about her products. Michaels has called the lawsuits "baseless" and told the Associated Press: "My reputation and credibility are of the utmost importance to me."

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2 Responses to ““I’m Not A Fraud” | Jillian Michaels Fires Back at LA Times Critic”
  1. Bonnie T. says:

    I love Jillian’s hard core, boot camp style! To me she’s more motivating than any other trainer.

  2. FitTom144 says:

    She’s annoying.

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