Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Indoor Bicycle Trainer Block/Stand | CycleOps Stackable Cycling Climbing Block

CycleOps Stackable Climbing Block 1Bicycle trainers make it possible to ride an outdoor bike in a stationary position without moving forward. They're often used for training by competitive athletes or by casual cyclists when conditions do not allow for riding outdoors.

The CycleOps Climbing Block is a simple but effective accessory for use with any bicycle trainer. It stabilizes and elevates the front end to simulate varied riding terrains.

The block can be adjusted to three settings, leveling or slightly elevating the front end, depending on the height of rear-mounted bicycle trainer. Two blocks can be stacked for a more challenging climb.

The Cycleops Stackable Climbing Block requires no tools or assembly and makes indoor bicycle riding more stable, comfortable and productive.

Cycleops Stackable Climbing Block Product DetailsCycleOps Stackable Climbing Block 2

  • Creates a stable, safe ride when used with any rear-mounted bicycle trainer
  • Three-level design lets you adjust difficulty
  • Stack two blocks to simulate steeper climbs
  • 2 blocks create 12 different adjustment levels
  • Durable Injection-molded construction

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