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Inversion Therapy Fitness Table | Ironman Gravity 2000 with Comfortable Ankle Support

The Ironman 2000 has received extraordinary reviews from users and distributors. So what makes it special?

Priced between the Ironman 1000 and Ironman 4000, the 2000 model is an excellent mid-range option with a focus on comfort and stability.

Uncomfortable ankle braces are a common complaint of first timer inversion table users. During inversion, much of the body's weight is supported by the ankles. The Ironman 2000 puts a premium on padded, easily adjustable, secure and comfortable ankle support.

The overall construction is sturdy and well-made and the table has an elegant, aesthetically pleasing look. The inversion transition is smooth and stable and the table has extra long safety handles for easy return to the upright position.

There's no doubt that inversion therapy works -- the act of hanging upside down can help relieve or reverse the effects of gravity on the spine, release tension in the lower back and relieve chronic back pain. It's also recommend for preventive maintenance and overall well-being.

As with any inversion table, you need to plan where it will be used to allow the table to pivot fully. This unit measures 26 x 65 x 49 inches (W x H x D).

Assembly is straight-forward but relatively involved, taking 1-2 hours.

Ironman Gravity 2000 Product Details

  • Sturdy, comfortable inversion table for reducing back stress and stimulating circulation
  • Ergonomically molded 2" soft vinyl covered foam ankle cushions
  • Supports users up to 300 pounds and 6'6" in height
  • Durable tubular steel frame, tough nylon backrest
  • Scratch resistant powder-coated finish
  • Rubber non-skid floor stabilizers
  • Folds for storage

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