Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Iron Gym Total (Chinup/PullUp/Pushup) Extreme Edition | Pro Fit No Mounting Doorway Workout Bar

The original Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar has become one of the best-selling home fitness accessories over the past few years. This upgraded Extreme Edition adds two additional grip positions -- alternate wide and side grips -- for a total of five.

Like the original Iron Gym, the Extreme Edition installs easily in most doorway frames without the need for screws, fasteners or tools of any kind. The sturdy steel frame mounts and removes quickly without wall or door damage that may be caused by permanent installation pull up bars. The black foam may leave a slight mark on white door frames, however.

This versatile piece of equipment lets you build and tone the chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs. When placed on the floor you can perform deep pushups, tricep dips or sit-ups using the Iron Gym for foot stability.

One minor concern with doorway pull up bars of any kind is the need for tall users (6' 2" or taller) to bend at the knees to keep their feet from dragging on the ground.

Like the original, the Iron Gym Extreme Edition supports up to 300 pounds and is designed to fit residential doorways between 24 to 32 inches, with trim or molding up to 3.5 inches wide.

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2 Iron Gym Extreme Fitness Push Up Rotating Grips
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