Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Isokinetics Balance Ball Fitness Chair | Ergonomic Spinal Stress Relief & Core Stability

isokinetics-balance-ball-chairAt first glance this review may appear to stray from our site's purpose of focusing exclusively on fitness equipment and accessories. However, sitting on a balance ball for extended periods actually is a form of core strengthening exercise. When properly positioned, the body is forced to make minute and continuous adjustments, which over time increase muscle tone, especially in the abs, and improves posture and balance.

As an alternative to a conventional desk chair the Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair will become more than just a conversation piece at the office. Eight hours a day of "active sitting" on this device will improve coordination and muscle tone and can help relieve minor forms of back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders. isokinetics-balance-ball-2

Because sitting on a balance ball incorporates muscles not often in use, for some it takes time to adjust. If planning to use this at work we recommend getting acclimated at home for a few days first, working up from a little as 15 minutes per sitting, to assess how your body will react. In time, rather than being tiring, it will become invigorating and help keep you more alert.

There's been some criticism that back piece is sub-par -- but it's intended for balancing, not for leaning back as in a normal office chair. The only limitation we see with this chair is that it's not designed for tall users. The manufacturer recommends it for heights of 5'11" and lower.

Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair Features

  • 52cm Balance Ball, available in black, white, red and purple
  • Rolling base with 4 wheels (2 are lockable)
  • Will not roll away like a ball without a base
  • Pump for inflation
  • Special exercise ball measuring tape for perfect inflation
  • 21" x 31" x 22"
  • 300 pound weight limit, recommended height 5' to 5'11"

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