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Isometric Strength Trainer/Exerciser | ISO 7X Deluxe Edition 7 Second Workout

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Here's an approach to strength training that's been around for decades. This modern version improves the technology and adds new features, making this a viable option for upper body conditioning. The ISO 7X is similar to the classic Bullworker.

The ISO 7x is made of stainless steel with rubberized, non-slip grips for better control and added comfort. The smooth glide spring mechanism allows for a fluid and comfortable motion throughout each rep. A calibrated strength meter measures and tracks your progress.

Isometric training uses static contractions to stimulate muscle growth. The concentrated range of motion isolates muscle groups and really makes them pop. Isometrics are good for building strength, power and lean muscle with limited strain on the joints.

While this is an effective device, optimal results are seen when incorporated into a regular isotonic and cardiovascular routine.

The ISO7x accommodates over 30 different exercises. It comes with a wall chart and lifetime guarantee on the stainless steel.

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