Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Joist Mount Chin Up/Pull Up Bar | Doorway, Wall Mounted or Outdoor Home Fitness

joist mount chin up barAs opposed to the wildly popular screw-less doorway chin up bars, this device mounts in a more traditional fashion by anchoring into wooden joists, the horizontal beams that support floors. This creates a "permanent" workout solution that's sturdy and safe. The bar can be installed in any room but is ideal for an out the way corner in a garage, workroom or basement.

The Joist Mount Chin Up Bar is fitness club caliber, constructed with 1 1/4 inch heavy 14 gauge tubing that will never break. Installation is straight forward but does require a drill for the and 4-3/8" heavy duty mounting bolts.

One advantage of this design over doorway bars is that it affords more vertical clearance when mounted to a beam in high a ceiling room, eliminating the need to bend at the knees during a workout.

Exercises can be performed on the horizontal portion of the crossbar or on the 30 degree angle at the end of the bar, allowing varied routines that engage different muscles.

This chin up bar is yet another option for use with Tony Horton's P90X system, among the most effective and comprehensive programs currently on the market.

There are two versions available, either with or without the perpendicular transverse handles.

For those looking for more portable, variety and the ability to mount in any doorway without screws, we highly recommend the P90X Chin-Up Bar or Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. Chin ups and pull ups are a classically effective body weight exercise -- you just can't go wrong with any of these affordable options.

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