Saturday, May 5th, 2018

JumpSnap Ropeless Jump Rope | Fun, Calorie Burning, Compact Cardio Gadget

jumpsnap1When choosing to review this product we were skeptical and thought it might qualify for inclusion in our recent article about pointless fitness equipment. To our pleasant surprise this clever invention proved to be more of an effective exercise device than a novelty.

"Why not just use a regular jump rope?" The answer differs depending on the person but obvious benefits include ease of use in small spaces, the ability to track workout data, not needing continuous concentration to avoid tripping, and in general a fun alternative to a traditional rope.

The JumpSnap handles are well constructed and solid. Each has a weighted attachment on a short string that simulates a rope jumping action. The display tracks calories burned, number of rotations and elapsed time. An optional timed beeper lets you know when your workout is over. The "snap" audio component mimics a rope jumping sound.

The lack of an actual rope defeats part of the purpose of traditional jump roping -- to build coordination. But the point of JumpSnap is more about providing a good cardio workout, which it does. It's also a little bit too easy to be lazy and not jump as high as you normally would using an actual rope.

This JumpSnap Ropeless Jump Roap has caught fire in the media with coverage from the New York Times, People Magazine, Shape Magazine, Weight Watchers and Donny Deutsch. Celebrity endorsements include Oprah's trainer Bob Greene and actress Hillary Swank.

The package includes 3 DVD workouts, hand weights, a mesh travel bag and an Eat Smart Guide.

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