Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Kettler APOLLO Inversion Trainer Fitness Table | Back/Neck Pain Relief, Stretching & General Health

kettler-apollo-inversion-tableThe price tag on the Kettler APOLLO is nearly double that of other popular inversion tables previously reviewed here. So what do you get for twice the price?

First off, this German built machine is well constructed, strong and stable. Robotically welded "tunnel design steel tubing " provides superior strength, stability and safety.

The Kettler APOLLO also uses a unique adjustment mechanism for precise incline control. Rather than the nylon straps used on other tables this one incorporates steel bars with adjustable pins. The table can be inverted 180 degrees and beyond, locking itself securely in place in seven fixed positions.

The adjustable footplate provides quick height adjustment using a safety push-button latch release for easy entry and exit. The table is also designed for comfort with a long, thickly padded backboard and soft front and back ankle rollers.

kettler-apollo-inversion-table2Okay, so what's the down side? Assembly is not as easy and straight forward as we'd like. Plan to spend about 2-3 hours before climbing aboard and getting inverted.

For those unfamiliar with inversion tables some of the benefits include relief from back pain and discomfort associated with nerve pressure, muscle spasms, and disk compression. They can also be used for general stretching, abdominal exercises and core training.

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