Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rowing Machine | No Impact, Smooth Cardio Rower Workout

Rowing is one of the most effective total body workouts, strengthening all muscle groups and providing a great cardio workout. It works your legs, arms and shoulders and isolates abs on every row. The rowing machine movement is smooth and natural, with no impact. In addition to building strength, burning calories and improving stamina, rowing machines are used for rehabilitating muscles, ligaments and joints after an injury.

The Kettler Kadett rowing machine's outrigger design allows a natural circular movement, closely simulating the actual process of rowing on water. The two hydraulic cylinders can be set to resistance levels between 1 and 12. The comfortable ergonomic seat runs smoothly on rollers mounted on rails, the moving foot plates have adjustable straps and an anti-slip base protects flooring. When your training session is over the outriggers can be easily folded inwards to save storage space.

The Kadett also features an advanced training computer that displays time measurement, number of oar strokes, speed of strokes, distance covered during training session, total distance, energy consumption, and pulse rate. Visual and audio signals alert you when you've reached goals for distance covered and stroke speed.

Assembly is a bit complicated and time consuming but once you're up and rowing expect one the most complete workouts you've ever had.

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