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Marcy Wedge Forearm Wrist Hand Exerciser | Grip Strengthener/Trainer & Injury Rehab

marcy wedge forearm exerciser

The Marcy Wedge Forearm Wrist Hand Exerciser is unique in its niche -- there's really nothing else quite like it.

In addition to building a stronger grip by working the forearm, wrist and fingers, the Marcy Wedge Forearm Wrist Hand Exerciser is an excellent physical therapy tool for those recovering from carpet tunnel or other wrist-related injuries.

Unlike small hand exercisers, this device supports the forearm and wrist, providing added comfort and muscle isolation. The Marcy Wedge Forearm Wrist Hand Exerciser has 5 levels of variable resistance to help build strength gradually and safely.

While building forearm and wrist strength, the Marcy Wedge Forearm Wrist Hand Exerciser incorporates the flexor and extensor muscles, further developing grip strength and stabilizing efficiency. This can help improve the performance of recreational or competitive athletes playing golf, tennis or baseball.

As a rehab tool the forearm support and smooth adjustable resistance can reduce the possibility of further injury sometimes associated with free weight therapy. It can also alleviate mild pain and fatigue caused by repetitive computer keyboard use.

With extended use you may experience loss of tension as the springs begin to weaken. This exerciser is not designed for serious weightlifters looking to build "Popeye" forearms, although it may help you crush a beer can.  For strength training, athletics or injury rehab, this is an effective product.

Marcy Wedge For Forearm and Wrist Product Details

    • Forearm, wrist, and finger exerciser
    • Improves grip strength
    • Smooth resistance system develops flexor and extensor muscles
    • Built- in forearm and wrist support
    • Variable resistance allows gradual and measured progress
    • Includes user's manual and 2 year limited warranty

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  1. chris says:

    Hi, I live in halifax, nova scotia, canada and I have been looking for this product. The only ones I can find online are located in the US and do not ship to Canada. Where can someone in my situation purchase this product?

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