Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Merit (Horizon) Fitness 725T | “Cheap” Home Treadmill with Basic Features

merit-fitness-treadmillThe Merit Fitness 725T is the least expensive treadmill we've reviewed. So what do you get for under $500?

The 1.25 horsepower motor is adequate for low to moderate speeds but significantly less powerful than higher-end treadmills.  The motor warranty is limited to 2 years and the frame weight capacity is just 250 lbs.

This treadmill does include many of the standard features you'd expect from any modern treadmill model. The computer programming and display panel feature the basic options. Programs include manual, intervals, rolling hills, and weight loss. The 3 window console gives feedback on speed, time, distance and resistance level.

Reader reviews commonly point to difficultly with assembly and a less than intuitive manual. Some even report missing parts. The other concern is that although the treadmill feels sturdy and durable when in use, the noise level is comparatively high. Like many home treadmills the Merit 725T will require routine maintenance.

merit-fitness-treadmill-consoleAmong the positives are AeroSoft cushioning, hand contact heart rate monitoring, and a fold-up design that eases transport and storage. It also includes an incline feature that's limited to 10%.

This is a reasonably priced treadmill that provides a solid cardiovascular workout. For those looking for more power, features and reliability we recommend reading about these higher-end models:

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