Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Mio Breeze Petite Women’s Heart Rate Monitor | Compact, Stylish, Customizable Sports Watch

mio-breeze-petite-450This sleek, light weight watch is specifically designed for women, very easy to use and a good introduction for those new to heart rate monitoring. According to the manufacturer it's the most compact heart rate monitor currently on the market.

The Mio Breeze gives ECG accurate heart rates without the use of a chest strap. The readings are "on demand" meaning you'll need to apply two fingers to get a heart rate, as opposed to the "continuous monitoring" used on some watches.

Aside from heart rate monitoring the Mio Breeze is a fully loaded sports watch with date/time/calendar, alarm, 2 timers, chime, and a bright backlit display.

The watch also features MIO's signature interchangeable straps which allow you to customize your Breeze with additional petite bands, sold separately.


Mio Breeze Petite Product Details

  • On-demand, ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap
  • Calculates % of maximum heart rate based on personal data
  • Visual indicator of exertion level
  • Sports watch with time, date, chronograph, alarm and back light
  • Two (2) exercise timers
  • Interchangeable watch bands in a variety of colors are sold separately
  • Water-resistant to 30 m
  • User-accessible battery hatch
  • 1 Year Manufacturer warranty

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