Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Mobia by Nautilus Review | 3-in-1 (Stepper, Treadmill, Elliptical) Home workout

The Nautilus Mobia has been discontinued. See it's replacement here. Combining the climbing motion of a stair stepper, the low-impact benefits of an elliptical trainer and the forward movement of a treadmill, the Mobia by Nautilus aims to take the health benefits of "walking" to a new level.

Nautilus, owner of Bowflex is sometimes criticized for over-hyped, gimmicky fitness equipment, but Gizmodo called Mobia the "iPod of Treadmills", in part because of the clean white and black aesthetic and sleek, intuitive console.

This machine is designed for 3-in-1, high efficiency walking, not running -- the maximum speed is just 4 mph.

Mobia’s independently moving "treadles" let you walk forward like a treadmill while stepping up like a stair climber. These two actions combined provide a core-strengthening cardio workout that's easy on the ankles and knees. When you step on a treadle it depresses under your weight, absorbing impact and providing the feeling of walking in sand.

In a study conducted at New York’s Adelphi University, Mobia modality burned up to 2 times more calories in 30 minutes than a treadmill at the same speed.

The display tracks 5 functions: Speed, Distance, Time, Total Calories and Heart Rate.

The Mobia comes with a Telemetry Chest Strap that wirelessly monitors heart rate and the specialized Nautilus Nutrition Plan and Introduction to Fitness Guide. Maximum wight capacity is 300 lbs.

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